2015 Alumni Mini Grants Competition

Published on April 17, 2015

Purpose of the Program

The United States Embassy in Podgorica announces an Alumni “Mini” Grants Competition designed to support innovative, small-scale projects to promote rule of law and combat corruption in Montenegro developed and implemented by teams of at least two or more alumni of U.S. government exchanges. In this context, U.S. alumni are past and present participants of the U.S. Government-sponsored exchange programs. Each project team should include at least one youth exchange alumnus/a (A-SMYLE, Global Ugrad, BFTF, etc.)  and one alumnus/a from a mid-career program (IVLP, Fulbright, media training, Humphrey, etc.). The project teams of five or more alumni will be given priority.

The goals of this program are to reward small-scale good ideas that could lead to greater collaboration and to bring mid-career and youth alumni together on topics of mutual concern by building on their experience from the United States.  Because this is a mini grant competition, the maximum grant amount will be $3,000.  However, additional “champion” funds in the amount of $10,000-$24,000 may be available for at least one exceptional project that can demonstrate successfully executed activities by July 25, 2015. More information about “champion funds” will be provided to the alumni selected for the first round of grants. At this time, only applications with budgets in the maximum amount of $ 3,000 will be considered.

The program aims to promote the application of knowledge and experience alumni acquired in the United States. The proposals should:

  • be submitted by teams of two or more U.S. alumni from various programs, with at least one representative from youth programs and another in the middle of their career; The project teams of five or more alumni will be given priority.
  • clearly articulate the benefit of the project to Montenegro;
  • include a sound plan of follow-up activities and knowledge transfer to wider public;
  • include a clearly written, detailed budget;
  • focus on innovative and creative ways to promote rule of law and youth empowerment in this area.

How to Apply

Qualified alumni teams may apply no later than May 25, 2015 at 17:00 local time.  Please submit completed application and all supporting documentation to PodgoricaGrants@State.Gov. Upon submission of an application you will receive a confirmation. Please note that all applicants are encouraged to use the suggested Application Form.  Applications that do not meet minimum standards set forth in application guidelines will not be considered.

  • The maximum grant period is six months.  Only projects that have already begun and have demonstrated significant success by July 25, 2015 are eligible for champion grants at this time.
  • Project proposals must be completed in English.
  • Project proposals should include all of the information requested in the Application Form.
  • Please see the Application Guidelines for a list of full requirements.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Public Affairs Section.
  • Applications must be sent by email to PodgoricaGrants@State.Gov and received by May 25, 2015 at 17:00 local time.  No other means of submission will be accepted.

Important Forms:

Public Affairs Section
United States Embassy