Ambassador Uyehara Discusses Tolerance and Countering Radicalism with Youth in the North

On the second day of her October 26-27 visit to northern Montenegro, Ambassador Uyehara spoke at the closing event of an U.S. Embassy Democracy Commission-funded project about preventing youth radicalization in three northern municipalities implemented by ForumMNE.

Ambassador Uyehara and PAO Adler Students in the audience








The Ambassador discussed tolerance and mutual respect with 60 program participants, who are high school students from Rozaje, Plav, and Berane, and stressed the importance of countering radical behavior among youth.

The project included a series of trainings for youth to help them learn about mutual respect and tolerance, as well as how to identify and handle radical and extreme behavior.  The students then organized a series of activities in their local communities raising awareness about the need to fight radical extremism through networking and campaigning. At the event in Berane, they presented the best examples of their community activities.

Students on the stage posing with the Ambassador Uyehara