8th REACT Camp Gathers Youth to Discuss Euro-Atlantic Integration

August 29, 2015

The 8th annual Regional Euro-Atlantic Camp (REACT) was officially opened at Vucje, Niksic, on August 29.  REACT is an international youth camp that gathers youth from around Europe, and the world, to discuss and debate issues of Euro-Atlantic integration, security and politics. The theme of REACT 2015 is “The Door of Alliance- Open for Montenegro.” Ambassador Uyehara spoke at the opening ceremony and expressed satisfaction that so many young people from the region gathered at Vucje to learn more about Euro-Atlantic integration and to debate and discuss differing viewpoints. In her opening remarks, the Ambassador underlined: “NATO is not about a political party or a singular interest group.  Rather, membership in the Alliance means shared security and stability, shared prosperity, and above all a shared system of values. Those values are ones which we all believe in: the rule of law; transparency in government; social and economic opportunity for all citizens; stability – in short, a bright future for our families and generations to come.”

The Ambassador also attended the introductory presentation given by president of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic.

Over 70 students from thirty three countries gathered at Vucje to learn more about NATO and to exchange views on security and other issues.  The U.S. Embassy is a co-sponsor of this camp which engages students for a week of activities and lectures.