All Parties Should Engage in a Constructive Dialogue; Fundamental Freedoms Must be Safeguarded

The U.S. Embassy urges all parties to engage in a constructive dialogue over the religious freedom law.  We continue to call on all sides to show restraint and avoid any escalatory or violent actions.

The United States strongly supports fundamental freedoms such as speech, association, assembly, and the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their freedom of religion and belief.

We also respect the rights of all sovereign countries to pass and implement laws consistent with democratic norms and free from foreign interference.

In an effort to fully understand issues of importance to Montenegrins, U.S. Embassy officials routinely meet with individuals from all parts of society, including from civil society and religious communities.

As friends, partners, and allies, the United States strongly supports Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations and is committed to the country’s long term security and prosperity.