Ambassador Reinke Meets Ukrainian Refugees in Bar

During her visit to Bar on June 7, 2022, Ambassador Reinke joined Ukrainian Chargé Nataliya Fiyalka, Red Cross of Montenegro Secretary General Jelena Dubak, UNHCR Representative Jean Yves Bouchardy, and Deputy Mayor Ms. Tanja Spičanović in a meeting with Ukrainian refugees.  Their stories of great loss and suffering clearly show the human cost of the brutal, unprovoked, and unjustified war President Putin is waging on the people of Ukraine.

Ambassador Reinke also visited the NGO Civic Alliance’s newly opened legal aid office in Bar, to learn more about their work in assisting refugees as they apply for temporary protection status.

In the more than one hundred days since Putin ordered his forces to further invade Ukraine, the world has witnessed the courage and determination of the people of Ukraine as they fight for their freedom.  The United States will continue to help them defend their country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and will help them rebuild once this horrific war is over.