Ambassador Speaks about the Importance of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Ambassador Reinke spoke at the National Conference on Economic Empowerment of Women in Montenegro on July 18, 2022 about the importance of supporting women in business and the rights of all women and girls. Women entrepreneurs serve as a catalyst for job creation and economic growth, which can transform their communities and countries. When women and girls are given the proper resources, education, and training they can achieve anything.

The United States is committed to empowering women around the world, and promoting the equal rights and status of women and girls is a top U.S. foreign policy priority. Supporting economic empowerment for women is key to achieving gender equality, which the United States Embassy is proud to promote through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ Academy for Women Entrepreneurs project in Montenegro, which focuses on entrepreneurial education for leading female entrepreneurs and engagement with the business community. Likewise, the Embassy promotes these values through initiatives such as the annual Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, the U.S.-Montenegro Economic Dialogue, and the Montenegro Tech and Startup Bridge. Through its global leadership, technical expertise, and strategic partnerships, the United States is striving to deliver equitable access, opportunity, and benefits for all.