Ambassador Uyehara at Festival of Real Estate Investments

Ambassador Margaret Ann Uyehara spoke at the opening ceremony of the 8th annual Festival of Real Estate Investments (FREI) . She talked about the importance of Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic integration processes for economic development and the business opportunities that NATO membership can lead to in any country, including Montenegro.

The Ambassador said that there is the misperception that NATO is solely a military alliance, where only defence issues matter. “It is indeed a community of values which include the rule of law, transparency and good governance,” said Uyehara. She explained that it is no secret that investors seek stability and predictability in order to protect their investments. Uyehara said that NATO membership raises Montenegro’s profile on the international stage.  “Investors become curious.  They want to know about new markets and new opportunities.  Can Montenegro be ‘the next big thing’?”

The Ambassador emphasized that the mere fact of membership will not instantly change the investment climate in Montenegro and that concrete progress on issues such as reducing bureaucratic red tape, ensuring transparent legal processes and developing responsible, sustainable land use plans is needed.

Ambassador and four men - Montenegrin Government Officials at a cocktail table

Uyehara commended the American Chamber of Commerce and its members and the entire Montenegrin business community for being fully engaged and interested in gaining a better understanding of all the benefits that NATO membership will bring to Montenegro.

FREI is a themed event dedicated to promoting investments in the real estate sector. The gathering is intended for real estate investors and commercial companies, government representatives, infrastructure companies, representatives of international institutions, professionals, and the general public.