Ambassador Uyehara Speaks with the AmCham Community

Woman speaking at a podium to an audience
Ambassador Uyehara addresses AmCham members at the AmCham luncheon

On March 23, Ambassador Uyehara was a keynote speaker at the first AmCham luncheon organized in 2016. The event served as an opportunity for the Ambassador to mark her one-year anniversary as the U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro. Ambassador Uyehara said that a lot has changed since she arrived in February 2015 and that highlight of 2015 was Montenegro’s invitation to join NATO. She said that with the support of the United States and the international community, the Montenegrin Government is making significant progress in promoting the rule of law, which is necessary to fully integrate into Euro-Atlantic institutions. In 2016, Montenegro will celebrate its tenth anniversary of re-independence, and therefore this year also marks the tenth year of U.S.–Montenegro relations. Ambassador Uyehara urged companies to be active members, to get involved in AmCham activities which will lead to better business community in Montenegro.