Ambassador Uyehara Speaks at “Message from Saturn” Musical Premiere

On April 8, Ambassador Uyehara spoke at the premiere of the musical “Message from Saturn” at KIC Budo Tomovic in Podgorica.

Ambassador Uzehara standing on a stage with a translator

The musical is part of an Embassy-funded project to commemorate 2017 Jazz Appreciation Month in Montenegro.

Group of students on stage

The CSO Jazz Art, the Art School for Music and Ballet “Vasa Pavic,” KIC Budo Tomovic, and a U.S. musician, who is also one of the authors of the musical, Eli Yamin cooperated on this project.     

A musician off stage close to the audience dancing 

The KIC grand hall was packed with the audience singing along to the catchy tunes. After the show ended, the Ambassador congratulated the young talent from the Art School for Music and Ballet for successfully bringing Broadway to Montenegro with this production, which was their first performance in a musical.

Large group of students on stage waving