Ambassador Uyehara Speaks at the War Crimes Conference

People sitting around a table in a room
Ambassador Uyehara speaks at War Crimes Conference

Ambassador Uyehara speaking today at a war crimes conference in Podgorica called upon institutions in Montenegro to “effectively investigate and prepare high quality indictments” and encouraged them to “reach verdicts in line with international standards”.

Th‎e conference titled “Suppression of Impunity for War Crimes” is organized by NGO Human Rights Action and the Office of the Supreme State Prosecutor, and funded by the U.S. Embassy, INL Rule of Law Section as part of a larger project with focus on war crimes.

U.S. Embassy INL Resident Legal Advisor, an experienced war crimes prosecutor, spoke on the topic “International Legal Trends Involving Crimes Against Humanity”, and shared his experience with those present.

The conference brought together local and regional judges and prosecutors who have worked and continue to work on war crimes committed during the wars in the Balkan in the 90’s. ‎ Participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other on how to improve indictments and reach better verdicts in cases of war crimes.