Ambassador Uyehara Visits Bijelo Polje (2015/9/9)

September 9, 2015

During her first official visit to Bijelo Polje on September 9, Ambassador Uyehara met with the Mayor of Bijelo Polje, Aleksandar Zuric and his team to discuss the main challenges and opportunities in the municipality.  The Ambassador visited some U.S. funded projects, such as the USAID supported Green Market Rasovo and “Small Group House” for children with disability, and met with a group of civil society leaders and local businessmen to hear their perspective of the municipality. During the visit, the Ambassador also had the pleasure of experiencing Bijelo Polje’s diverse cultural heritage by meeting the Chief Imam of Bijelo Polje, as well as visiting the Orthodox Church of St Peter and Paul, where the famous Miroslav’s Gospel was written.