American Rock Band Tours Montenegro

Embassy Podgorica, in cooperation with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ American Music Abroad (AMA) program, welcomed the American rock band Burn the Ballroom to Montenegro for a three-day tour consisting of several outdoor concerts and workshops on June 27-29, 2023.  The band performed at the U.S. Embassy’s Independence Day celebration in Podgorica, at outdoor venues in Zabljak and Pljevlja, gave interviews to the press, and conducted workshops at the American Corners in Pljevlja and Podgorica.


Burn The Ballroom is a rock project founded in the Washington, DC metro area, based between DC and Nashville, TN.  The band performs various genres, including anthemic, rock, punk, alternative, and pop music.  It has toured Central Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia, East Asia, Europe, and across the United States, including several programs with the U.S. Department of State.


American Music Abroad (AMA) is administered by the Association of American Voices on behalf of the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The American Music Abroad program is designed to communicate America’s rich musical contributions to the global music scene as it fosters cross-cultural communication and people-to-people connection to global audiences.