BMAP Media Innovation Lab

USAID’s BMAP Media Innovation Lab (MIL) is an annual event that provides a creative, collaborative space where media professionals, designers, technologists, and others can come together to develop localized tools and projects that will help tackle challenges facing digital media across the Balkan region. This year’s Innovation Lab theme will be: Reporting Ethically During a Pandemic, and we plan on organizing the MIL first week of December (1-4 December, 2020).

You can find information on previous Media Innovation Labs here, and everything you need to know about the MIL this December is here. You can also watch a short video on this year’s MIL here We’re accepting applications until November 9th, 2020. The event will be hosted in a completely virtual environment, including presentations and master classes related to this year’s topic, as well as group work. You can also find us on our socials, and catch up with all of MIL related updates.