The U.S. Embassy in Montenegro welcomes your interest in potential business opportunities in this rapidly developing region.  The U.S. Embassy Podgorica is focused on assisting U.S. businesses and strengthening commercial links between the United States and Montenegro.

The Government of Montenegro has made notable progress in implementing market-oriented economic reforms. The country’s tax policy – with the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe and a VAT rate of 19 percent  –  has helped to foster a favorable investment climate, as has Montenegro’s use of the Euro as its currency.  In 2011, Montenegro became a member of the World Trade Organization, in 2012 Montenegro opened accession negotiations with the European Union.

A number of promising investment opportunities exist, particularly in the fields of tourism, energy, and transportation infrastructure.  The Government of Montenegro is expected to announce tenders for several properties with tremendous tourism potential, as well as for the construction of hydropower plants and wastewater facilities.

We look forward to working with you to achieve success in Montenegro.

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