A foreign investor can be a legal entity or a natural person. Both have equal rights. The term foreign investor applies to a company that has been founded by a foreign person in Montenegro and/or foreign legal entities whose share of investment capital is higher than 10 percent of the total capital amount. Domestic citizens can also obtain foreign investor status if they have been living abroad for more than a year.

There is no limit. The amount of investment is stated in the investment contract or other act prescribed by law.

Foreign investors can acquire rights to real estate in Montenegro, such as company facilities, places of business, apartments, living spaces and land for construction. Additionally, foreigners can claim property rights to real estate by inheritance in the same manner as domestic citizens.

Montenegro started to use Euro as a currency in 2002.

Foreign investors can freely transfer their funds after fulfilling all liabilities and obligations such as: income tax, return of funds invested in initial capital, share in net assets, obligations in the case of contract termination, etc.  Transfer of funds is also possible in the cases of foreign currency being sold off to a registered bank, the selling of goods and services, or transfer to an account of another foreign person.

The assets of a foreign person cannot be taken away unless the law provides proof that it is in the public interest.  In such a case, the investor is given a settlement fee or compensation, which cannot be less than the market value of the acquired asset. Foreign investors have the same economic rights as domestic ones.

Foreign investors are coming from more than 107 countries and there is no one dominant country.

The Personal Income Tax rate is 9 percent.

The Corporate Profit Tax rate in Montenegro is 9 percent flat.

The standard VAT rate in Montenegro is 19 percent, but there are reduced rates of 7 percent for tourism and IT equipment and 0 percent for some basic products. The VAT turnover period averages 30 days.

According to the Law on employment of foreigners and Law on Work, work permit is issued by Employment Agency of Montenegro. After that, a foreigner can obtain a residency permit at the Ministry for Interior Affairs.