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International Exchange Alumni are all past and current participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs.

There are more than 1 Million International Exchange Alumni worldwide, some of them including current and former heads of state, Nobel Laureates, leading academics, and citizens committed to improving their local communities.

More than 700 Montenegrins have visited the U.S.A. on U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs  to date, including students (FLEX/former A-SMYLE; Global UGRAD), as well as distinguished professionals (International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP); Media Exchange Programs) and academic leaders (Fulbright; Hubert H. Humphrey) etc.

If you are one of them, please register at the International Exchange Alumni web-site. This resource offers valuable tools to help you build upon your U.S. experience:

  • Network with alumni from other exchange programs
  • Find grant and job opportunities
  • Access free periodicals, newspapers and more
  • Find the latest research in their field, plus career enhancing information
  • Participate in Q&A Livediscussions with experts
  • Share experience with a global audience
  • Read alumni success stories, perspectives and ideas

Montenegrin American Youth Alumni Association (MAYAA)

Student Alumni of FLEX/former A-SMYLE (high-school exchange) and UGRAD (undergraduate exchange) programs from Montenegro established and registered their first joint alumni organization called Montenegrin American Youth Alumni Association (MAYAA) back in 2010.

If you have exiting alumni ideas how to engage other alumni to advance your community and our world, and share some of the things you have seen, experienced or learnt in the U.S, contact MAYAA at or the Embassy at and share those ideas with us. Together, we might make them a reality.