Office of Defense Cooperation

Department of Defense Seal

We are a joint service office assigned to facilitate U.S. government national interests; we are responsible for coordinating all aspects of security cooperation and assistance with the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Defense.

We work to:

  • Support U.S. National Security Policy Objectives
  • Support Headquarters European Command Security Assistance Policy Objectives
  • Support U.S. and Montenegrin Industry in Cooperative Defense Program Management
  • Support U.S. and Montenegrin Military Departments and Program Offices in Cooperative Program Management
  • Coordinate Foreign Military Financing and Sales Activities (FMF & FMS)
  • Support the State Partnership Program (SPP) and Facilitate the Partnership between Armed Forces of Montenegro and the Maine National Guard


Contact Us:

Office of Defense Cooperation
U.S. Embassy
Džona Džeksona 2
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
Phone: [382] (0) 20-410-500