Rule of Law Program – Recently Closed Projects

Rule of Law Grants Program

The United States Embassy in Podgorica supports specific projects and initiatives that facilitate the engagement of Montenegrin citizens in criminal justice reform efforts through grant awards valued up to $50,000, although most of the awards are smaller. The main goal of the program is to help Montenegro transition into a more effective and transparent criminal justice system by engaging citizens in the process through watchdog and monitoring activities, advocacy and policy-making, research, and public education. Grants are awarded to local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), media, or other organizations that have a proven track record in the criminal justice field and good organizational capacities. Proposals are evaluated according to the ability of the applying organization to carry out a project with clearly formulated goals, that reaches the intended audience or beneficiaries, and which has the potential for positive impact in the area of criminal justice.

Court Wooden Hammer

Human Rights Action

Advocacy for Suppression of Impunity for War Crimes and Monitoring of the Reparation Process in Montenegro ($23,000)

Students sitting at a conference

NGO Safra – Student Radio KRS

Achieve Not To Cheat ($10,500) (PDF 6,95MB)

Civic Alliance Info Graphic

Civic Alliance

Enhancing the Ability of Criminal Justice Institutions to Better Communicate Their Work to the Citizens ($35,000) (PDF 4,10MB)

First Page of the Study


Healing the Healthcare System of Montenegro ($34,665) (PDF 1,71 MB)

People sitting around a table during a conference


Civil Society for Effective Crime Assets Recovery ($23,000)

Investigative Journalism TV Show on drug smugg


Together Against Corruption ($39,160)

Group of young men and women posing with the Ambassador Uyehara

New Horizon

Local Partnership Against Abuse and Juvenile Delinquency ($35,000)