Friends, Partners, and Allies: The United States and Montenegro

Judy Rising Reinke, a distinguished American diplomat with decades of public service, presented her diplomatic credentials to President of Montenegro Milo Djukanović in Cetinje.  Ambassador Reinke is the fourth U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro since the country regained independence in 2006.

In a meeting with President Djukanović, which followed the formal ceremony, Ambassador Reinke praised Montenegro’s commitment to freedom and democracy, which was cemented by Montenegro’s accession to NATO in 2017.  Ambassador Reinke welcomed continued cooperation with Montenegro as an important ally of the United States.

“The United States is proud to stand with Montenegro as a friend, partner, and ally,” Ambassador Reinke said.  “I look forward to strengthening the ties between our great nations by working with Montenegrin authorities and people of Montenegro.”

Ambassador Reinke announced as her top priority U.S. support for Montenegro’s further integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions.  She also pledged to expand economic opportunities between Montenegro and the United States by collaborating to stamp out corruption, increase trade, and attract U.S. investment.  She further noted the need to strengthen the people-to-people ties that serve as the foundation of friendship between Montenegro and the United States.

Ambassador’s Reinke official biography is available on the U.S. Embassy web site.

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