Largest Joint Cross Border Crime Operations in the Balkans Region

U.S. Embassy’s Export Control and Border Related Security (EXBS) Program, with its regional Border and Migration and Customs Agencies held one of the largest joint cross border crime operations in the Balkans region. The Exercise was a byproduct of the Southern Border Initiative (SBI) consisting of senior Border Police and Custom representatives from Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

joint cross border exercise

The joint cross border exercise encompassed eight regional countries agencies on three shared border crossing points across the southern Balkans. This highlights the cooperation and willingness to cooperate within the recently formed Southern Border Initiative and develop a united front against cross border crime, smuggling and while sharing actionable intelligence.

joint cross border exercise  joint cross border exercise

During this joint operation each country conducted secondary inspections of busses, passenger vehicles and additional scrutiny of travel documents for forged passports or factitious registration. The joint operation was hailed as a success in joint cooperation and message of a united front to persons attempting contraband smuggling within the southern Balkan region.

joint cross border exercise