Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo Open Joint Police Cooperation Center

On 30 May, Ambassador Margaret Uyehara took part in the opening ceremony of the Trilateral Police Cooperation Center (PCC) in Plav. At the opening of the joint PCC, Ambassador Uyehara praised the commitment of the police from the three states to cooperate in “achieving safe and effective border control techniques and fostering cross border information exchanges.”

Ambassador Uyehara speaking and people listening Ambassador Uyehara with Minister of Interior and German Ambassador visiting facilities

Ambassador Uyehara stated the new Center will provide valuable support to regional Police Agencies in the fight against all forms of International Cross-border crime. The PCC will host representatives of Border Police organizations of Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo, with an international Border Police contingent 24/7, and it will also be utilized as a regional training center. US Embassy in Podgorica, through its Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program donated 100 thousand USD to the PCC.

Equipment in a room Boars reading that the building is a donation of the US Embassy's EXBS program

The Ministers of Interior of Montenegro and Albania, Mevludin Nuhodzic and Dritan Demiraj, and Deputy Minister of Interior of Kosovo, Valdet Hoxha, signed a protocol establishing the Joint Police Cooperation Center (PCC) in Plav, Montenegro.  The trilateral PCC, supported by the Embassy’s EXBS Program, the German Embassy, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), was formed to help Border Police in Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo to combat cross border crime.