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During 2021, we are celebrating 15 years of strong bilateral ties, which have flourished since Montenegro regained its independence in 2006.  In this section, we look back at some of our major accomplishments.  Read on to learn about our over 100 years of friendship, achievements over various Embassy sections, and U.S. support to Montenegro during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.  As we reflect on our past accomplishments, we look forward to our future cooperation!

U.S. Red Cross Mission in Montenegro 1919-1922

Centennial of the United States – Montenegro Partnership

After World War I, the U.S. Red Cross was the first foreign organization that came to Montenegro to aid the people in the war-torn country. Alongside American volunteers – doctors and nurses – came photographers. Here, we present a small portion of their extensive photo collection, inspired by the untouched nature of Montenegro, but also by the courage and resilience of its people. One hundred years ago and now, the United States and Montenegro stand together in solidarity.

U.S. Support to Montenegro during COVID-19

U.S. Support to Montenegro during COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic changed many things, it did not affect the strength of the U.S. – Montenegro relationship. During this unprecedented crisis, the United States remains committed to our partnership, while we all together as friends, partners, and allies fight COVID-19.