Press Release

October 23, 2017 – U.S. Embassy Podgorica is disappointed that an October 22 report by Pink M did not include our spokesperson’s official response to Pink M’s inquiries regarding the Embassy’s October 12 tweet supporting “independent and responsible media as a key for #Montenegro and its #EuroAtlantic and #EU aspirations”.  In the interest of promoting balanced journalism and correcting this misleading report, the U.S. Embassy is publishing below our official email response to Pink M dated October 16:

In response to your inquiry, the U.S. Embassy Podgorica replies as follows:

The U.S. Embassy’s tweets, including the tweet on October 12 relaying the Embassy’s continuous support of an independent and responsible media, are official tweets, reflecting the official views of both the U.S. Embassy and the Department of State. 

The U.S. Embassy is proud of the work of its personnel, particularly the work of our locally engaged employees who have decades of expertise and experience in their fields and who have worked for years to advance Montenegro’s democratic reforms and to strengthen the bilateral relations between the United States and Montenegro.