Second Group of Peace Corps Volunteers to serve in Montenegrin communities take their Oath of Service

Today in Podgorica, seven Americans took an oath committing to two years of service in Montenegro as Peace Corps Volunteers. Ambassador Judy Rising Reinke swore in the group of new Peace Corps Volunteers, who will serve in communities around Montenegro. This is the second cohort of Volunteers to serve in Montenegro, with five already in service in communities across the country.

The ceremony was the culmination of 11 weeks of pre-service training that included Montenegrin language and cultural training, as well as sessions on English language teaching skills.


Other speakers included the representative from the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation Marko Vukašinović, Peace Corps Country Director Megan Wilson, Volunteers, and host family members. Volunteers spoke in Montenegrin, thanking their host communities and Peace Corps Staff. The new volunteers also danced in traditional folk costumes and played Montenegrin music as a sign of respect and integration into the Montenegrin culture.

Starting tomorrow, the Volunteers will provide support to English teachers in seven Montenegrin schools.