Solicitation 19MJ1919Q0007

Notice Type: Solicitation

Number: 19MJ1919Q0007

Issued: May 17, 2019

Deadline for submittal of quotes: June 7, 2019, 16:00h local time

The Embassy has a requirement for a firm to paint the metal construction perimeter fence and gates at the US Embassy compound in Podgorica .  This construction effort is estimated at the range between $25,000 and $ 100,000 and needs to be completed by August 2019 in Podgorica, Montenegro. The contractor shall provide all labor, equipment and materials for painting of the metal construction on perimeter fence and gates, including the parking fence and gate.

All firms that respond to the solicitation must be technically qualified and financially responsible to perform the work.  At a minimum, each offeror must meet the following requirements when submitting their proposal:


  • Be able to understand written and spoken English;
  • Have an established business with a permanent address and telephone listing;
  • Have the necessary personnel, equipment and financial resources available to perform the work;
  • Have all licenses and permits required by local law;
  • Meet all local insurance requirements;
  • Have the ability to obtain a performance and guarantee bond and a payment bond, or to post adequate performance security, such as irrevocable letters of credit or guarantees issued by a reputable financial institution;
  • Have no adverse criminal record;
  • Have no political or business affiliation which could be considered contrary to the interests of the United States;
  • Have good experience and past performance records; and,
  • Identify specialized experience and technical competence required to complete the construction work in accordance with this solicitation.


If a firm is interested in competing for this requirement, please provide a written request for a copy of the solicitation documents to the U.S. Embassy, at