Solicitation Cancellation Notice: 19MJ1924Q0005

Date posted: February 1, 2024

Subject: Purchase of IT Equipment

Requisition Number: PR12264173

Solicitation Number:   19MJ1924Q0005


This is to advise you that solicitation number 19MJ1924Q0005, issued on February 1, 2024, for the purchase of IT Equipment has been cancelled.

The U.S. Government has decided to revise requirements and to re‐adjust the scope of work. This revision will take time to complete.

Contact information of all companies that showed interest in this solicitation will be maintained on our mailing list and will receive a copy of the revised solicitation when it is issued. You may contact Contracting Officer at email if you have any questions.

We wish to thank you for the time and effort you devoted to participating in the subject solicitation and encourage your organization’s participation in future procurements.