SYNOPSIS for purchasing of Computer Equipment for U.S. Embassy Podgorica

For purchasing of Computer Equipment
for U.S. Embassy Podgorica, Montenegro

General Information

Document Type: Pre-Solicitation Notice
RFQ Number: 19MJ1919P0217
Posted Date: Feb 20, 2019
Solicitation Issue Date: Not later than Feb 22, 2019

Delivery location:
Center for Training in the Judiciary and State Prosecution
Serdara Jola Piletica bb,
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Contracting Office Address:
Dzona Dzeksona 2
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Description: Please note this solicitation is not ready to be issued as of this date. The Embassy of the United States in Podgorica invites interested companies to submit their request for Solicitation by email to . The Embassy of the United States in Podgorica needs to purchase computer equipment for donation. The equipment needed includes projectors and screens, laptops, all-in-one B&W laser printer capable of printing, copying, scanning documents, camcorder, tripod and wireless remote laser pointer for presentations. The offeror must be able to provide at least a 12-month warranty on all the products and post-sale service in Podgorica, Montenegro.  The Government plans to issue the RFQ by Feb 22, 2019.

The Government intends to award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the lowest priced technically acceptable offeror who is a responsible contractor. The Government may award the contract based on the initial offer without discussion. The resultant contract will be a firm fixed type contract.

This solicitation will be issued via the website of the Embassy of the United States in Podgorica – no paper copies will be mailed. Note: The response date in this synopsis is not a firm date; please see the solicitation for the actual date.

Primary Point of Contact:
Paul Saaranen
Contracting Officer
Phone: +382 20 410 530
Fax: +382 20 241 358

Secondary Point of Contact:
Milan Susic
Procurement Agent
Phone: +382 20 410 542
Fax: +382 20 241 358