Training on International Financial Investigations

The Embassy of the United States in Podgorica, in cooperation with the Center for Education in Judiciary and State Prosecution organized  a Training on International Financial Investigations for representatives of the judiciary, state prosecution, Agency for Prevention of Corruption, Tax Administration, Inspection Authority, Custom Administration, Police Authority, Property Administration, and Administration for Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism  Financing. The training is taking place in Budva on March 13 and 14.

Four male presenters sitting at the conference front desk

The objective of the training is to gather representatives of all the institutions who work together to conduct financial investigations, to enhance their efforts in fight against organized crime, money laundering and high-level corruption. Lecturers at this training are practitioners from financial centers such as Delaware, the Cayman Islands, and British Virgin Islands, as well as the World Bank StAR (Stolen Assets Recovery) Initiative. As always, the INL program is working on making concrete and strong connections between Montenegrin institutions and international partners that will serve as instruments for successful international financial investigations.