Property Restitution

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The US Government strongly supports efforts to offer restitution to rightful owners for property confiscated by governments of Central and Eastern Europe. Positive action on property issues was one of the criteria used to judge the progress of countries that aspired to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) membership. The European Union (EU) also recognizes the relevance of property issues in applicant countries.

A successful property restitution program is an indicator of the effectiveness of the rule of law in a democratic country. Non-discriminatory, effective property laws are also of crucial importance to a healthy market economy.

Montenegro passed the Law of Rights of Restitution and Compensation for Confiscated Property on March 23, 2004. This law was revised in 2007.  The law regulates the conditions, manner, and procedure for restitution of ownership rights and other property rights; additionally, it regulates the compensation of former owners for confiscated property. Under this law, the Government of Montenegro provides restitution in kind, when possible, with cash compensation or substitution of other state land when physical return is not possible. The new law established a set claims period, after which no further claims were possible. In 2008, all Municipality Restitution Commissions in Montenegro consolidated into three Regional Restitution Commissions in order to oversee three major areas in the country. The Regional Restitution Commission of Bar oversees the South, the Regional Restitution Commission of Bijelo Polje oversees the North and the Regional Restitution Commission of Podgorica oversees the Central part of Montenegro.  Every property restitution case will be assigned to one of these Commissions depending on the location of the property that is being claimed.


U.S. citizens seeking property restitution are encouraged to consult with an attorney who is competent in this area. Please note that the United States Embassy cannot act as a legal counselor or representative.

If, you need assistance from attorneys in Montenegro, see the List of Attorneys in Montenegro.


Contact Information for Regional Commissions in Montenegro


Regional Restitution Commission of Bar
Phone: +382 (0)30 315 427
Fax: +382 (0)30 315 427
Address: Zgrada Tužilaštva, Bar, 85000, Montenegro


Regional Restitution Commission of Podgorica
Phone: +382 (0)20 664 692
Fax: +382 (0)20 664 692
Address: Trg Republike ¼, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro


Regional Restitution Commission of Bijelo Polje
Phone: +382 (0)50 431 779
Fax: +382 (0)50 431 779
Address: Radomira Medojevica bb, Bijelo Polje, 84000, Montenegro