Emergency Passports

If you are traveling within the next 10 business days you must schedule an appointment at the Embassy to apply for an emergency limited-validity passport in person. Please send an email to PodgoricaACS@state.gov and write EMERGENCY PASSPORT in subject line of your e-mail. Please sign your email with applicant’s full name.

Processing Times 

Same-day issuance is available for applications that are complete and straightforward.  In some cases, however, we may be required to refer to the Department of State; therefore, some cases may take longer.

Application Procedure 

You will need to bring the following items with your or you application will be delayed.

  1. Current Passport (if you have it);
  2. Passport Application Form which must be completed on line and is available using the online passport wizard. Be sure to answer all questions accurately as any mistakes may result in a delay. Print one-sided pages only. ** DO NOT SIGN.
  3. Provide one color photo, sized 5 cm x 5 cm, taken within the last six months, full face, front view with a plain white background. Remember, no eyeglasses please!
  4. Please see Consular Fees. The fee for this service is paid at the time of your appointment at the Embassy, in cash or by credit card. We accept both U.S. dollars euros.
  5. Proof of international travel within the next 10 days.

Updated October 2016