The requirements for a passport photograph are quite precise. Our computer system may reject a photograph that does not meet the specifications, causing delays in issuing your new passport.

Photographs must be 5 cm x 5 cm in size, excluding any white borders.  The image size, from the top of the head (including hair) to the bottom of the chin, should measure between 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm. The photograph must be in color, and you must face forward towards the camera (no side or angled shots). The photo background must be light in color, preferably white or off-white.  Unless worn daily for religious reasons, please do not wear a hat or any head-covering, and do not obscure any part of your face. You may wear eyeglasses, but please do not wear sunglasses for the photo.

For even more detailed information about passport photo requirements, please see the Department of States Travel site.


No Glasses After November 1st, 2016!

Beginning November 1st, 2016, customers applying for their U.S. passport or U.S visa or renewing their U.S. passport must remove glasses for their photo. For more information please visit: