U.S. Embassy in Podgorica Continues to Support Montenegrin Entrepreneurs

U.S. Embassy Podgorica hosted an entrepreneurship expert Dr. Sharon Freeman the week of June 4 as a part of its continuing efforts to support Montenegrin entrepreneurs.



Dr. Freeman is an entrepreneur and business owner.  She established her first company in Hong Kong and subsequently established and operated another five companies there.  Her consulting firms specialize in helping entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses create strategies for growth. Participants of the workshopOver the years, Dr. Freeman has provided direct business counseling to over 10,000 firms in over 100 countries.  She has also written and published 25 books a broad range of topics including exporting, business, development, regulatory compliance, leadership and other topics.

During her tour in Podgorica, Dr. Freeman spoke about basics of starting a business, idea generation, identifying a target market, providing funding for startups, brand promotion, and social responsibility at American Corner Podgorica, Digitalizuj.me, University of Donja Gorica, and at the Bureau for Economic Cooperation.

Entrepreneurship expert Dr. Sharon Freeman is in Montenegro! Last night we had a great workshop on starting a business….

Posted by U.S. Embassy Podgorica on Tuesday, June 5, 2018


As a firm believer in hard work as the only viable way to success, she reiterated the following to the aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up owners: “You really have to roll up your sleeves and do the work.  Do your research.”

Dr. Freeman continued her tour of Montenegro at the American Corner Cetinje where she met with Association of paraplegics Cetinje and spoke about corporate social responsibility models in the U.S. and how similar organizations in the U.S. benefit from alternate sources of funding and advocate for their interests.


Posted by U.S. Embassy Podgorica on Thursday, June 7, 2018

In Bar, Dr. Freeman inspired small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the success stories of the similar sized businesses in the U.S. Dr. Freeman finished her tour in Kotor at the Secretariat for the Development of Entrepreneurship Kotor with words: “Montenegro is rich with opportunities and intelligent people.  You have to seize these opportunities before someone else does.”

Participants of the workshop Participants of the workshop

During her speaker tour, Dr. Sharon met with professors and students from the UDG and Faculty for Business Economy Bar.