U.S. Embassy promotes Cyber Threat Defense

People sitting in a room looking at a large screen
Ambassador Uyehara gives opening remarks at the Cisco Security Day

The U.S. company Cisco Systems, one of the leading global information technology solutions companies, organized Cisco Security Day for corporate, banking, insurance and government institution representatives in Podgorica on June 28, 2016. U.S. Ambassador Margaret Ann Uyehara and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Information Society and Telecommunications Vujica Lazovic opened the event. At the occasion, Ambassador Uyehara underscored that building a culture of security in an organization is a must. “The cyber security challenge is complex and pervasive. In today’s world, where threats are dynamic and destructive, ensuring resilience while mitigating security risk is a challenge facing both governments and the private sector” said Ambassador Uyehara.

The aim of the seminar was to present ways to address cyber threats and to help businesses and public institutions develop their capabilities to identify and protect themselves from this global concern.