U.S. Support to Montenegro during COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic changed many things, it did not affect the strength of the U.S. – Montenegro relationship. During this unprecedented crisis, the United States remains committed to our partnership, while we all together as friends, partners, and allies fight COVID-19.

To support Montenegro in combatting the effects of the pandemic, beginning in the early days of the crisis, the United States continued long-standing support to Montenegro’s healthcare system.

If you would like to learn more about U.S. support to heath workers and hospitals click through this photo gallery.


During these most challenging of times, the United States is proud to continue our strong tradition of investing in the youth of Montenegro.

Knowing that the creativity and desire of young people to change the world for the better will lead to a brighter future for all of us, we supported innovative educational programs such as this one:


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To help those most in need during the pandemic, the U.S. Embassy, through the support of Spirit of America, and in cooperation with NGOs Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije and NGO Paradigma, provided 68 households working in rural tourism 30 different kinds of seeds and seedlings.

During the harvesting season, from those seeds and seedlings, three tons of surplus food was contributed to neighbors, soup kitchens, and others in need.

Building on the success of this project, the Embassy continued to partner with the NGO Paradigma, to support the construction of seven greenhouses in different municipalities across Montenegro. The greenhouses are designed to provide food during shoulder seasons to those in need. We also provided innovative green towers to those in need, enabling them to grow their own food.

Paradigma did a great job of drawing upon traditional values and customs of Montenegro to make its innovative “Nova Moba” project such a success.

Download the app to see how you can help those in need by donating food or volunteering your time.

The United States, through USAID, was also proud to partner with the Red Cross of Montenegro to help inform the public about the health risks posed by the pandemic while also providing those in need with basic necessities.  Click through the Twitter thread to learn about the activities of the Red Cross volunteers. We commend them for their dedication and selflessness in extremely difficult times.

And despite the hardships presented by the pandemic, we did not waver in our support to Montenegro as it seeks to advance along its Euro-Atlantic path and achieve EU membership.

Through our INL and ICITAP programs we organized trainings, equipment donations, and other activities designed to strengthen Montenegro’s rule of law.

If you would like to learn more about one of the projects we carried out to strengthen the judiciary, click through this photo story.


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Finally, as the entire world copes with the mental health challenges caused by the pandemic, we provided support to first responders, victims of domestic violence, and the public to strengthen their psychological resilience.  Click through this Twitter thread to learn more about our projects.

The United States and Montenegro are friends, partners, and allies with ties between our two peoples that date back more than a century. Through our COVID-19 we have shown that not even an unprecedented global crisis can weaken our relationship, which will only continue to grow stronger in the months and years ahead.