Youth Discuss Detrimental Effects of Corruption on Society Values (2015/5/18)

May 18, 2015

On May 18, Ambassador Uyehara joined Center for Children’s Rights Director Rajka Perovic in opening the final event of the Embassy-supported project “Corruption against the System of Social Values.” The event included a panel discussion by a group of six dynamic middle and high school students who talked about the ways that  corruption affects their lives. Government officials and school representatives listened to their discussion and responded to students’ questions on the topic.

“One of the reasons that I think this Center for Children’s Rights project is so important is that, as a mother, I am keenly aware of the ways that corruption affects our youth.  Corruption tells youth—the very people Montenegro needs most right now—that they can’t get a fair shot in their own country….With their fresh hearts and creative minds, young people are the best chance we have to bring about a positive change. What we as adults should provide are opportunities for them to speak up and space to accommodate this change.” said Ambassador Uyehara today opening a youth panel discussion on corruption.