Youth Discussing Euro-Atlantic Integration with Ambassador Uyehara at 9th REACT Camp

Students in chairs in a room with red carpet
Students listening to Ambassador Uyehara

Ambassador Margaret Ann Uyehara gave a lecture at the 9th annual Regional Euro-Atlantic Camp (REACT), organized by the NGO Alpha Center at Ivanova Korita, Cetinje. The Ambassador spoke about U.S. policy in Montenegro.

The Alpha Center gathered about 100 students, NGO representatives, media and government officials from all around the world at this year’s REACT Camp to learn more about NATO and to exchange views on security and other issues.

Students sitting in chairs, one man with raised arm
Participants engaged in vigorous debate

During her lecture Ambassador Uyehara said that we need to talk openly and debunk misconceptions about the responsibilities and benefits of membership. Participants engaged in vigorous debate and the Ambassador answered questions.

REACT is an international youth camp that gathers youth from around Europe, and the world, to debate issues of NATO integration, security and politics. This year’s camp is dedicated to celebration of 10 years of Montenegro’s independence and a decade of work of the Alfa Centre Organisation.